Through technology, training and knowledge

E-Aviation expands your options for individual mobility: You charter a plane exclusively for yourself and your fellow passengers and are thus absolutely discreet and safe to your desired destination on the go. We ensure a high level of operational readiness and safety at the airline level.

Experienced crew

You will always be flown by very well-trained professional pilots. The experienced crew will consist of a captain and a co-pilot, who have completed specialised training for the relevant aircraft type with Flight Safety. All E-Aviation pilots also take part in annual flight assessments and emergency exercises at the Lufthansa Training Center in Bremen. The simulator training is supplemented with approach training and with company procedures in our own aircraft. Our pilots regularly undergo checks at the Aeromedical Center in Stuttgart to ensure that they are fit to fly.

Modern fleet

Our fleet, which includes Citation Business Jets, is equipped with the most up-to-date technology and avionics, such as the EGPWS-2 and FADEC flight management systems. All systems are regularly maintained at service centres licensed by the manufacturers using computer-based programs. All service points are also continually assessed. In addition, we are continually modernising our fleet and ensure that it is always equipped with the most up-to-date technology.