The economic and efficient way to reach your destination

Whether from city to city or from continent to continent, E-Aviation will fly you directly, flexibly and safely to your business meetings all over Europe. As your charter flight partner, we offer the strengths of a large airline, combined with the first-class service of a private company. This means that we provide the high levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness which you want for your company.

Shorten your travelling time

With no long check-in processes or waiting time to worry about, you will be brought to your charter jet and ready for take-off in next to no time. We will fly you right to your meeting, with no changes, delays or flight cancellations. Unlike large airlines, we are also able to use small regional airports to bring you closer to your destination. This significantly shortens your journey time and makes your working day even more efficient.

Make the most of your time on board

Since you have the aircraft entirely at your own disposal, you and your team can use the spacious cabin as a "flying office" . The stylish, discreet atmosphere is perfect for holding meetings and concentrating on your work as well as relaxing – and we guarantee that you will not be observed or disturbed. However you spend your time on board, you will arrive refreshed and relaxed at your destination. 

We fly when you want

E-Aviation schedules its charter flight to suit your schedule, not the other way around. Other airlines run to a fixed timetable, which the passengers have to comply with. With us, you can fly at the best time for you.