Aircraft transfer

We can move your aircraft safely and economically


As your charter flight partner, E-Aviation can also offer you long years of experience and utmost reliability in aircraft transfer. Our highly-trained, experienced pilots will ensure a smooth and economical transfer. 

We meet the highest commercial flight standards, following European guidelines to guarantee comprehensive safety and the knowledge that your project is in the best hands. Simply send us the aircraft type and delivery destination and time and we will be happy to prepare an individual quotation for your transfer. 


You are trading in your European-registered aircraft with an American manufacturer. You will need to plan and undertake two Atlantic crossings.

  • Are you a passionate flyer yourself? Would you like to take part in the transfer? No problem. We will include you in the planning right from the start. An experienced staff member will always be available for you to contact. Whether you are the pilot or a passenger, you will always be at the heart of the action.
  • As is usual nowadays, you have a packed schedule and need a reliable partner. As an experienced aircraft dealer, E-Aviation can not only transfer your aircraft, but can also take care of the technical handover with the manufacturer, the insurance notifications, registration, customs and much more.

Call us or send us an e-mail at any time. We would be delighted to hear from you.


1.Cessna Citation FanJet 500eastward
2.Piper PA-31T Cheyennewestward
3.King Air F90-1westward
4.King Air B200westward
5.Cessna 414westward
6.Cessna Citation Iwestward
7.Cessna Citation IIeastward
8.Citation Jetwestward
9.Citation Jetwestward
10.King Air F90eastward
12.Piper PA-31T Cheyenneeastward
13.Citation Jetwestward
14.Citation Jet1westward
15.Citation Jet2westward
16.Citation Jet2westward
17.Citation Jeteastward
18.Citation Jet2westward
19.Citation Jet3eastward
20.Citation Jet2+eastward
21.Citation Jet1+eastward
22.Citation Jet4eastward
23.Citation Jet4eastward
24.Citation Jet3eastward
25.Citation Jet4westward
26.Citation Jet4eastward
27.Citation Jet4eastward
28.Citation Jet3+eastward
29.Citation Jet M2eastward
30.Citation Jet M2eastward