PGA Golf de Catalunya | Stadium Course

Spain | Majorca

This world-class facility forms part of the portfolio of the European Tour Courses and comprises a modern, stylish clubhouse together with outstanding practice and training facilities, which are used by international teams and professionals.

Stadium Course – crowned Spain's number one golf course

This golf course, as spectacular as it is impressive, has been named as one of the ten best golf courses in Europe ever since it opened, without leaving this list once. It has even recently been voted number 88 worldwide, the third in continental Europe and number one in Spain. As the venue of numerous PGA European Circuit tournaments, this course is constantly receiving recognition from the professional player community.

But be warned, the beauty of this golf course is liable to distract you from the numerous danger points, which could do serious damage to your scorecard. This course does not make any allowances, with trees growing close to the fairway and bunkers and lakes placed strategically at seven of the most difficult holes.

This course is a challenge which draws players back over and over again, to test their skills just "one more time". It is rare to find so many impressive holes on a single course, and despite the hilly landscape, the tees are all raised and only a few fairways lead uphill.

The fantastic dogleg at the sixth hole is one of these rare exceptions and is a true challenge, calling for excellent skill with the driver and the utmost compromise.

PGA Golf de Catalunya | Tour Course

Spain | Majorca

Tour Course

Long years of top-level experience guaranteed.

The Tour Course offers a slightly gentler challenge, equally beautiful yet somewhat simpler. Pines and expanses of water are the main features of this shorter golf course, which is easier to play than the stadium course. The design of this golf course by Ángel Gallardo and Neil Coles still retains an attraction for players of all abilities.

Most holes are given generous fairways and strategically placed bunkers, which are nevertheless forgiving of less-than-perfect shots. A further distinctive feature of this course to watch out for is the constant proximity of water hazards.

The Tour Course is without doubt a worthy challenge. The prestige of this special golf course is founded in its exceptional status – this was the venue for the 2008 PGA European Tour Qualifying School.

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