Son Gual – The Club

Spain | Majorca

Son Gual is a private family-owned golf club. Since 2007, we have been offering travellers this exclusive golf course on Majorca, packed with sporting challenge and with a private, inspiring atmosphere. Our generously-designed golf course is the embodiment of sporting and natural elegance and is created for golf in almost the original "links course" style. Let yourself be enchanted by our golf course and enjoy unparalleled play, unique to Majorca.

Thomas Himmel's design for Son Gual is interesting, well thought out and unbelievably challenging and makes the 156-hectare hilly landscape into one of the best courses in the Mediterranean. The course runs in two broad loops – the first nine holes around the edge of the property, and then the last nine holes in the "infield" – nestling amongst large lakes with naturally-styled streams running through, designed as both irrigation and as visually appealing landscape architecture, and now also representing visual obstacles. The greens are large and technically challenging for players, with inviting, short-mown approaches and run-off areas which place high demands even during short games. The 66 bunkers on the course are equally impressively placed in commanding positions on the fairways – a real hazard.

Son Gual is perfect for experienced golfers and for intelligent players ready to take on the challenges of the course. Less highly-trained players will excel at brilliant single shots, and will enjoy the beauty of the course. Of course, some golfers will meet with disaster – this course will test players to their limits and beyond.

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