Frankfurt Airport

Welcome to Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport! From here, E-Aviation can fly you by charter flight directly to your destination. We can bring the right aircraft here from our E-Aviation fleet in Stuttgart in around a quarter of an hour. This means that we can take you to your desired destination and offer you first-class service on the ground and in the air.

Direct from car to jet

You will enjoy exclusive benefits from the very moment you arrive at Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport – you can drive right up to your charter jet by car. We park your car and the E-Aviation crew welcomes you on board immediately , without the need for a long check-in. The crew then accompany you on board and take care of all your requirements during the flight. If you would like a small refreshment before departure, then you are welcome to visit the E-Aviation Lounge.

Combine charter flights and airline flights flexibly

We can organise a shuttle vehicle for you if you prefer. Either for travelling to the airport, or – another unique advantage offered in Frankfurt – for exclusive transfer between a commercial airline flight to Frankfurt Airport and your E-Aviation charter jet. This enables you to combine both flight options to suit you.

Your contacts at E-Aviation

Our headquarters staff in Stuttgart will be happy to assist you with your business and private charter flights from Frankfurt, taking you through from initial enquiry via journey planning to booking. Our headquarters will take care of your needs wherever you are.