Location: Stuttgart

Welcome to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) at Stuttgart Airport! This has been the home of E-Aviation since 1997, and as a charter flight partner, we fly our passengers directly to their desired destinations from here. Whilst all the time taking excellent care of our customers in every way.

First-class service on the ground and in the air

Enjoy first-class service from the very moment you arrive – parking spaces are available right next to the GAT for our customers. We would also be happy to arrange an exclusive shuttle transfer if you prefer. You are welcomed immediately by the E-Aviation crew, without the need for a long check-in process. The crew then accompany you on board and take care of your every need during the flight. If you would like a small refreshment before departure, then you are welcome to visit the E-Aviation Lounge.

Take off and land at any time

A special highlight for charter flights to and from Stuttgart is our King Air C90GTi. The high-performance turboprop aircraft is permitted to take off and land here at any time, without night flight prohibition. Perfect for those who would like to fly home straight away, even after evening meetings or events. 

The hub for E-Aviation charter flights

We organise all our flight operations from our Stuttgart headquarters, including those from the E-Aviation locations at Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Lugano. The E-Aviation fleet is also based here. We can even undertake small maintenance jobs overnight in our hangar here.