Reliable and safe despite COVID-19 – E-Aviation your business jet solution

The impact of the global coronavirus epidemic on business aviation is fluid and evolving by the minute. The current pandemic has massively restricted scheduled air traffic worldwide and most commercial air-lines have cancelled up to 90 percent of their connections. However even with the outbreak, business travel has not come to an absolute standstill. There is still a great demand for corporate flights, namely by executives, managers, development and service engineers of globally-active companies. For these professionals, E-Aviation continues to be their choice for air travel; offering stable flight capacities combined with a comprehensive-hygiene-protection package.

Personal meetings are vitally important for businesses.

In this day and age, digital technology has continued to offer us really good opportunities; by allowing us to connect with customers, colleagues or employees around the world and it also plays a significant role in daily business activities. However, personal face-to-face meetings are still needed despite the availability of the online and virtual world. These meetings facilitate communication, break down barriers in getting to know each other, promote trust and are indispensable in complex debates. The value of in-person communication creates security in uncertain times under these conditions. Business presentations or machine repairs can also be better performed in real life. The Covid-19 prevalence and the work-from-home concept will continue to dominate our daily lives so much, so that new air travel concepts are also needed to maintain business contacts on a personal level.

Plan your business flights with E-Aviation – the reliable option

E-Aviation has been operating within Europe and between continents for almost 25 years. As an owner-managed company, we offer the same strengths and safety standards as scheduled airlines, supplemented by our personal, exclusive service. These factors are highly regarded by our business passengers and this is exactly why E-Aviation remains the top choice for our business travellers.

Experience stable but flexible flight operations

E-Aviation‘s operations are individually geared to the passengers‘ schedules with greater flexibility on their arrival/departure times. The broad-based fleet of E-Aviation can be adapted precisely to the desired route lengths and passenger number. By choosing to fly private, it means that there are no sudden cancellations, as in the case with scheduled flights; if fixed space quotas are not met. This ensures that our flight operations are stable, yet still flexible enough to handle personalised requests.

The ability to keep a distance from others while travelling

About 20 minutes once the passengers arrive, the E-Aviation charter jets are in the air, handily beating the alternative of being trapped for hours in an airliner with multitude of stagers of unknown health pedigrees. We can also fly to small regional airports, with little or no commercial airline service and where there is minimal exposure to large crowds. The jet chartered is exclusively available to the passengers: only up to nine passengers travel with them, for example employees, colleagues or business partners.

Travel with maximum safety, security and health standards

E-Aviation has always relied on highly trained pilots and a modern aircraft fleet to ensure safety standards are not compromised. Now we are offering even more: a hygiene package which is designed to protect passengers and crew from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Public health passenger locator forms, which we store and use in strict compliance with data protection regulations, are legally required for security purposes. Before confirming the flight schedules, we obtain information from local handling partners about current conditions/restrictions and legal entry requirements.

Exclusive E-Aviation service with responsible hygiene procedures

Despite the coronavirus risk, we still offer our passengers an exclusive on-board service, which we have adjusted for hygienic reasons. The crew wears face masks and hand gloves when serving meals and drinks. After each flight, all jets are disinfected rigorously with a special cleaning set. We also avoid flights to high-risk areas as much as possible in order to protect our crew and passengers from being unnecessarily exposed to the virus.

Where does your leadership team need to be present in person? We get them there without risking their health.

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