Safety Protocol for flights operate by Eisele Flugdienst GmbH

E-Aviation has introduced the following measures on the basis of the EASA regulations ECDC COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol Guideline and the Safety Directives 2020-01 and -02


  • All aircrafts are treated with approved and certified pro- ducts, professionally applied throughout the interior of the aircraft. E-Aviation uses the following disinfectants:
    • Novadur disinfection cleaner Novadest Fresh S for sur- faces – Nr. N-61658
    • Bacillol AF disinfection for surfaces – Nr. N-11854 + 11855 3. Oxypharm Nocolyse for the Nocospray Microspray Ma- chine – Nr. N-45534
    • ColorLock hygienic cleaner for leather and textile sur- faces – Nr. N-89877
  • All aircrafts are equipped with a mandatory UPK (Universal Precaution Kid)
  • All aircrafts are treated at least once a week with a pro- fessional Nocospray Microsite Machine using organic dis- infectant with 6% hydrogen peroxide and silver that is nor- mally used in hospitals.
  • Between flights, all interior of the aircraft are treated with EU certificated products for use against COVID-19 to sanitize and clean all touchpoint areas in the plane.


  • The hygienic distance of 1,5m is adhered to as often as practicable.
  • Crew members are asked to take their temperature before duty. Any crew member with temperature equal to or gre- ater than 38°C or any COVID-19 symptom will be removed from the duty.
  • For any crew member who shows signs of COVID-19 sym- ptoms, the aircraft will be removed from service for deep cleaning and sanitization prior to further use.
  • Crew members are asked to wear face masks while on duty.The only exception while being airborne in the cock- pit is safety reason, it will remain at the crewmembers’ discretion.
  • Crew member shall regularly wash/sanitize their hands to protect against catching/spreading COVID-19.
  • Crew member wear gloves when loading luggage and are in direct contact with the passengers.
  • Crew members refrain from welcome/goodbye hands- hake with passengers or other persons.
  • The departure and arrival airport accepted your state- ments about your place of stay during the last 2 weeks.
  • There is only a reduced service on board. The flight crew will serve drinks and food at your request - under conside- ration of appropriate hygiene measures. Currently we do not offer a service with flight attendant


  • The hygienic distance of 1,5m is adhered to as often as practicable.
  • Passengers are asked to wear face masks during their en- tire stay on board (except for drinking and eating)
  • Passengers shall regularly wash/sanitize their hands to protect against catching/spreading COVID-19.
  • Passengers are asked to move to the aft of the cabin, so there is more distance between the passengers and the crew members.
  • For the overall safety, passengers will receive a notification from E-Aviation with final conditions for the flight
    • You are requested to disinfect your hands before boar- ding the aircraft;
    • Before entering the cabin you will receive a face mask which must be worn on board during the entire stay on board (except for drinking and eating);
    • If a crew member notices flu symptoms, your body tem- perature will be measured with an infrared measuring de- vice on your forehead before the flight; if the temperature exceeds 38°C, you are not allowed to take the flight.

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